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Oct 10, - Orgasms – Multiple, Whole Body, G-Spot, Prolonged Orgasmic States, and much more. This article describes the many different and exciting kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states that women can have. It is focused on the female orgasm, although some men can also experience similar states. The pleasure. How to Have a Cervical Orgasm - Best Positions for Cervical Orgasm Terry. Age: 29. Only outcall Reblogged this on xexylady and commented: Anal and Otherwise - Phone Sex Sydney. alergija.info: G-Spot Tantra: The Expanded, Full Body Orgasm (Audible Audio Edition): Suzie Heumann, DGTV: Books. Shannon. Age: 21. I am honest, passionate and very open minded person The Full-Body Orgasm You've Never Heard Of Every woman can have full-body, ecstatic G-Spot orgasms. Find out how. Aug 10, - Learn why most women never get to experience a G Spot Orgasm with a man and what you need to do to be sure you are that one guy who can give them to her ever.

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Anastasia. Age: 19. Scrivi descrizioni personali e sempre stato il mio inferno, ma non vorrei inviare a un appuntamento completamente cieco, quindi ecco qui Dec 27, - “It's for real.. a woman has many “G-Spot's” all over her body. When touched properly these spots can bring her closer to an unforgettable orgasmic ride. In fact she can have an orgasm without being touched on her “real” pussy.” So I've found a very interesting article about the many “vaginas” in a woman's. Sep 30, - Clitoral orgasms usually come on faster because that area is so accessible. G-spot orgasms — named for the dime-size pleasure zone behind your inner vaginal wall — are considered much more intense because they reverberate from inside your body. "By simultaneously having your clitoris and G-spot. May 21, - This can feel like pleasurable tingling and vibrations throughout your whole body and being, and can keep going for hours, as opposed to a clitoral orgasm, which typically lasts for seconds. If the clitoris is like climbing a mountain, the cervix (and the G-spot for that matter) is like scaling a series of rolling hills.


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