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Jan 4, - In the home, defending yourself becomes a degree shooting environment where bullets can pass through many walls and impact loved ones in other rooms inside the home or even people and neighbors outside the home. Many companies are now offering high expansion low penetration rounds. Home Defense: the Case For Low-Penetration Rounds - Survivalist Forum Serafina. Age: 26. If you are just desperate for a hooker, sorry, keep looking. Stay with real bullets. The only reason the guy at the store told me not to get Glaser rounds is because they are +P, but I've read enough on here to gather the XDSC can handle +P rounds, so maybe those are the best after all. And by the way, I really don't care about stopping power. I'm willing to lower the chances of the bad. Vasilisa. Age: 28. Hey guys, im leah Best low-penetration home defense round for a 1911? Sep 17, - Well, in a nutshell, by understanding the round/guns' ballistic profile. penetration-drywall. 9mm (especially ball or target ammunition) can penetrate many layers of drywall. Ballistics is the study of projectiles and represents a discipline in shooting that can quickly turn into a private obsession creating. May 1, - I am against the whole low penetration thing. If I am to use a firearm in self defense, I want it to reach the vitals, end of story. If a round is capable of reliably penetrating deep enough to eliminate a threat, it will go through a wall and still be dangerous coming out the other side. I say get the best round for the.

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Laura. Age: 30. Outcall to Ramat Gan 220 flowers Jul 17, - If you choose to use lead buckshot use smaller shot and very low velocity rounds to make collateral damage a little less direct in case of a hit on a human. herters sells a mini buck load with only 6 00 pellets, again lessening the chances of a pellet making it into a body outside the home, while still presenting. Most of the ammunition tested consisted of various flavors of designed to expand on impact, but as long as chunks of lead were being chucked through simulated walls, it made sense to include some typical handgun and shotgun rounds. These would act as a control group for the rifle rounds, and maybe also put to rest. But as this video with a 9mm gun in 3" barrel states, bullets go through walls. But Federal was, of the real bullets, not one to penetrate heavily after going through four sheets dry wall. I use it because I doubt Nothing is guaranteed. However, frangible ammo is usually considered "low over penetrating". D.


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