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Aug 21, - I was at an after party with only a few other people. My company for the evening had left while we were still at the bar, but I had fallen into conversation with some other people. When someone invited everybody to an after party I just joined up. The main reason for joining them was, of course, a very hot girl. KATIE’S STINKY FEET – Feet Hunter Stories Mrs. Age: 22. Thanks guys I had not yet been able to speak to her, but I thought it might be easier in a less crowded place. Ex makes me eat my own cum from her feet Christmas eve with my wifes feet in pantyhose Change is afoot down at the bank. A man is trained in the joys of fetish. High school teacher needs to get laid by her students. and other exciting erotic at! Kylee. Age: 24. **Bisexual** Female feet don't smell... Part 1 Read erotic stories about pantyhose - Foot Fetish Fridays, Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 02 and Female feet don't smell Part 1 and Footrub Friday 2. Apr 23, - I rubbed her feet and went up to maybe mid calf. I didn't want her to stop me, so I didn't press my luck. One night she drifted into a light sleep, and I took that opportunity to gently kiss her stocking foot. For whatever reason, I did not think that there would be a scent associated with her stocking feet being.

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Alma. Age: 26. Hello, dear! I a, Dana, I am 21 and full of energy Nov 16, - This is a true story. It was really the first time I ever used Facebook as a means to satisfy my foot fetish. I met Katie originally at a party. We talked a little and she After she went inside I brought my fingers up to my face to see if the smell had rubbed off on my hands. To serve and worship a woman's feet. Feb 8, - She positioned herself comfortably next to me, and slowly dragged her sweat soaked pantyhose feet up my stomach, over my chest, and finally over my lips to my nose. She covered my nose with her arch. I was horrified. The scent was so strong I had no idea what to do with myself. It was as though all the. Jul 4, - When I let him smell my feet he starts making moaning sounds which really almost shocked me. Does he find my scent attaractive and why? If nothing else I am more formal with him and encourage decent he alright or is it just a foot fetish? I personally don't care if he likes the scent of my feet.


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