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Used to shoot, I ooze now. .. I have a bit of "shoot" to my orgasms naturally, but not anything super powerful, and I've never had much volume. Part of aging man. Of course 18 for me was so potent I could blast you 9 feet away. Water and less jacking off will yield positive results if ejaculate strength is  [Question] Lots of "dripping" after ejaculation?: sex. Used to shoot, I ooze now. Any way to correct this? : sex Tommie. Age: 21. Awaiting for your letter I really wasn't expecting it. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Oct 22, - I also find that while I am orgasming, if i try and prolong the ejaculation, I will have a much stronger and longer ejaculation shot. My wife has given me hand jobs where the sperm has actually hit the head board as I was laying down. other times it just oozes out without any force. any other guys out there ever. Jessi. Age: 25. I'm discrete and enjoy everything about what I do so there's no way you'll leave unhappy, I'm clean and always smell good, I'm open to all fetish's Male Sexual Response Apr 26, - I'm 20, all my life i've been ejaculating like this more of an ooze than anything else, sometimes it does shoot a bit but juts like 5 cms n then oozes the rest, doest tihs happen to some people or do i have a problem? This topic is answered by a medical expert. Mar 31, - I am 18 and after masturbation i have noticed that after the orgasm where the sperm is supposed to "shoot out" it more or less oozes out. The sperm and all does come out but slowly. Ive tried going a w.

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Marry. Age: 27. I am a professional high end dominatrix based here in marbella and in london. Tie & tease and early experimentation through to a world of bdsm delights for the more experienced kinkster... Ejaculation may be experienced as a series of contractions and spasms in the legs, stomach, arms and back as well as the penis. Semen is pushed through the penis by contractions and may spurt or ooze out. Ejaculations and orgasms will vary from man to man and from time to time. Orgasm/ejaculation is followed by a. Dec 15, - It's even possible, though less likely, that you're experiencing orgasms that are so mild that they go unnoticed (except for the ejaculation). Based on what you've written, however, it's more than likely that your penis is releasing plain ol', ordinary pre-cum. Men vary in the amount of pre-cum they produce, from. Dec 6, - Many people suffer from urinary incontinence (the loss of bladder control) and this often causes great embarrassment. But what happens when men experience a different kind of incontinence – seminal leakage? The term “pre-ejaculation” refers the fluid discharged during arousal, masturbation, foreplay or.


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