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Sep 9, - What, you think just because you're hot and have a British accent that you can treat women like second-class citizens? Actually, yes, that's precisely it. In , Grant pulled a typical asshole move and lost the best thing he ever had, Elizabeth Hurley. And incase we ever doubted his unpleasant disposition. The 6 Biggest Assholes in the Animal Kingdom Jelena. Age: 27. ......Only for really generous sugar daddy :) I hope that helps. He is also said to have been the one who brought Syphilis back to Europe and allowed its quick and rapid spread. Nov 10, - You you asshole! Of course there must be a good reason they go through all that trouble, right? Well, not really. Scientist just say they evolved a form of sexual sadism, which is just a fancy way of saying they are gigantic dicks who like to make others suffer with their penises. Or maybe they just have. Manuel. Age: 23. I'm independent so it's me chatting to you on the text Donald Trump Is the World’s Biggest Asshole Homo Politicus: the only creature with an anus so large, they can literally stick their own head into it 9and frequently do so).Who is the biggest asshole on the planet? Nov 25, - I don't think I've ever pondered this before, but I ass-ume it would belong to the biggest animal on earth, the Blue Whale. I don't really want to know what you're planning to do with that information Page on alergija.info is the biggest asshole in the nba?

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Tahnee. Age: 25. For the generous and hot guys i am ready for anything ! Jun 4, - Khan was obviously telling Londoners not to be alarmed about the increased police presence they would see today. Fox News carried it, so I'm sure Trump heard the whole statement. Five years ago Dick Cheney set a new world record for being an asshole. Donald Trump now holds that record. The World's Biggest Asshole is a Great Commercial with an unexpected Twist. A definite Must See CREDITS. Aug 7, - Wolfe describes himself as a “health, eco, nutrition, and natural beauty expert” who has “led the environmental charge for radiant health via a positive mental attitude, eco-community building, living spring water, and the best-ever quality organic foods and herbs.” Zesty. In 22 years, he says he's hosted more.


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