Tooth brushing fetish

Nov 26, - permalink. Can somebody explain the context of this situation to me? does she just have a tooth brushing fetish? Reply. 1 reply. Halfwrong4 ptsNov 26 share. report. permalink. With the length of that gif, i'm suprised you didn't just link a video so it has sound as well brushie brushie - GIF on Imgur Princess. Age: 20. Hi, hi hi Toothbrush fetish confessionLight submitted 7 months ago by degrassigirl [Light]: The fetish kind of reached its peak yesterday when I accidentally clicked on a video that said "Toothbrush Innuendo" and it was a clip from the Japanese anime Nasemonogatari. Nov 10, - "I don't want you hanging out with the perverted highschool girl that has a crush on my girlfriend, so I'm going to brush your teeth." Reply. pokeballin1 ptNov 10 share. report. permalink. Yeah this anime gets/is weird sometimes Reply. NeverMentionKlimpysAgain1 ptNov 10 share. report. Albertina. Age: 26. I like to have a nice moment with an older man 45+ non smoking because i like to taste you and kiss you every part of your body. Meeting 2 hours minimum So I guess there's such thing as a toothbrush fetish. Dec 6, - Gosh, why would anyone be interested in going to a site dedicated entirely to girls in their pajamas leaning over the sink and brush their teeth, milky goo pouring down their chin in rivulets and dripping all over their cleavage? I don't get it. Who would Girls Brushing Their Teeth [Toothbrushing Fetish Site]. Jul 1, - Odontophilia is a particular type of fetish involving teeth. Odontophilia can involve such things as said person (odontophiliac) being aroused by: 1- licking your partner's teeth 2- leaving the imprint of their teeth on heir lover's skin or the other way around 3-Pulling out their partner's teeth or anything really.

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Simone. Age: 28. Gentelmen I offer an energetic, unrushed and drama free session, guaranteed to always be discreet May 14, - Yet, it's interesting that an ordinary gesture like brushing teeth can used as something sexual. I really should take psychology as a minor. For the sex jokes, of course. Sigmund Freud will be proud of me. This did happen and it's not satire. My teachers are too cool for criticism; he talked about sexual fetishes. Feb 23, - I have a very strange fetish of toothbrushes, or brushing teeth or anything like that. I get off on watching Youtube videos of people brushing their teeth, but I dislike brushing my own teeth because it just takes up too much time. The fetish kind of reached its peak yesterday when I accidentally clicked on a. Jun 20, - well here are a few good-for-nothings for us all to enjoy maybe & hopefully.


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